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Storage rack: through type shelf

It is suitable for warehouses with large variety of stock, but low storage rate, or higher storage frequency, but can be stored in the warehouse according to the order of the roadway.


Chi state cabinets, heavy shelves

With the advantages of technology and scale and a complete market sales network, the comprehensive strength has been firmly held as the leading position of China's professional kitchen cabinet industry.


Small warehouse efficient use of loyal choice

Mezzanine rack is suitable for storing small quantities and varies of goods picked up by manpower.


Electromechanical company stacking rack

Jiangsu Fangkun Shelf Manufacture co.,LTD has cooperated with Nanjing Rui Tuo mechanical and electrical co.,LTD to produce the stacking racks.


Logistics medium shelf case

Medium duty rack B,with structure of butterfly hole,is convenient at joint together.Solid and strong,with good bearing capacity,Connect the add-on unit on the started unit freely to realize the high efficiency.Besides,wooden board with the P shaped beam is acceptable,which is much more econmic.


Plant isolation network case

Workshop wire mesh fence is also called workshop guardrail fence,wire mesh fence is widely used in factory building、production workshop planning 、isolation,classification and isolation of warehouse goods,to separate the work area of different stations, effectively improve the working environment, rational planning of the factory and work space.