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Logistics medium shelf case

Logistics medium shelf case

Medium duty rack B,with structure of butterfly hole,is convenient at joint together.Solid and strong,with good bearing capacity,Connect the add-on unit on the started unit freely to realize the high efficiency.Besides,wooden board with the P shaped beam is acceptable,which is much more econmic. Medium duty rack B comprises uprights and beams,suitable for medium duty load rack and long unit rack.The beam is adjusted by 80mm pitch, and each layer is loaded at 200Kg-500Kg.Medium duty rack B is strong and solid,with beautiful outlook and good bearing capacity,convenient at installation,with complete joint,doltless,which can be widely used in shopping mall,supermarket,library and warehouse.

Changzhou Hengxuan Logistics Co.,LTD want to use medium duty racks to place different goods.Changzhou Hengxuan Logistics Co.,LTD has large warehouse area,we chose the appropriate channel size according to the use of the goods and the size of the goods. We designed the shelf specifications of both cost, efficiency and storage,to maximize the effectiveness of the medium shelf in the warehouse.

The shelves are four levels in total, and the roof is one of them. Many customers think that the number of layers is the number of lattices, which is wrong. Because the top is not only play a separate role, it is the same with other level, can place the goods, because of the highest, most work is not convenient, so we recommend that customers to put some of the least used goods.

The upright of the racks are blue, and the shelves and beams are red, which are the most typical color match, can make the color of the warehouse patchwork and also more conspicuous.

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