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Plant isolation network case

Plant isolation network case

Workshop wire mesh fence is also called workshop guardrail fence,wire mesh fence is widely used in factory building、production workshop planning

、isolation,classification and isolation of warehouse goods,to separate the work area of different stations, effectively improve the working environment, rational planning of the factory and work space.

Changzhou Yiling Weiye Fibre manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a standardized management, both inside and outside the sale of large industrial and trade clothing production enterprises.The company needs to divide the workshop, make full use of space, standardize the management , so the Changzhou Yiling Weiye Fibre manufacturing Co., Ltd. decided to use Jiangsu Fangkun wire mesh fence.Wang manager of Sales Department of Jiangsu Fangkun from 2015 for the first time to contact the customer to sign the order, just spent a period of 10 days, the high quality of our products ultimately made the customer's recognition.

Jiangsu Fangkun Shelf Manufacture Co., Ltd. insist on meeting customers' need as the goal, to provide more perfect design plan for customers, the highest quality products and the most perfect service.We are willing to set up long-term business with every customer on the basisof both-win benefit!