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Small warehouse efficient use of loyal choice

Small warehouse efficient use of loyal choice

Mezzanine rack is suitable for storing small quantities and varies of goods picked up by manpower.The mezzanine rack is characterized in high space utilization racte and space saving.It can be designed to single layer or multiple layers according to the warehouse space and your specific requirement,normally two or three layers.Which is especially suitable for storage of auto spare parts,electron equipments.The loading capacity for middle duty type is 100-300kgs/layer.The transportation of goods between secong stair and third stair usually are:manual lift platform,elevator,conveyor belt,forklift etc. 

The advantages of attic shelves:

1.Mezzanine rack can enhance the shelf height, make full use of the storage height, better use of storage space, greatly reducing the waste of space.

2.Mezzanine rack full consideration of human logistics, beautiful design, generous structure.

3.Mezzanine rack place large and small pieces of the same specifications of the product, easy to classify, pick up convenient, fast, firm structure.

4.Mezzanine rack suitable for high warehouse, small goods, manual access, large volume of goods.

5.Mezzanine rack are more used in logistics,factories and enterprises.The utility model is especially suitable for the classification and preservation of enterprise products such as auto parts and electronic devices.

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